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Bareboat Charter Week Prices in Croatia

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Yacht charter prices and their dynamics are naturally the most discussed topic in the nautical tourism business. To contribute some light we evaluated the charter prices for the world's leading market, Croatia. Our designer spends another day to provide the values an attractive shape - the result is an infographic that hopefully pleases your visual perception.

We focused on the major product of the yacht charter business: Bareboat monohull sailing yachts with lengths up to 20 m. Those boats stand for nearly 80 % of the global yacht charter reservations. The evaluations are based on reservation data mined in the YachtBooker database between 2010 and 2014. So we did not analyze charter list prices but contracted charter gross rates. For better comparision charter reservation prices were recalculated to weekly rates.

In order to understand better the nature of yacht charter pricing in Croatia, we created classes for boat lengths (9-20 m) and cabin versions (2-5 cabins). To be able to reveal the dynamics of the seasonal pricing, we splitted some charts into the relevant mediterranean season months (April to October). Finally we provided a rough comparision of the mean charter week prices between the major charter destinations in Europe.

Infographic Bareboat Charter Prices Croatia

The accuracy of the displayed figures is influenced by the unsharp edges symptomatic for the yacht charter industry and might vary accordingly. We will be grateful for your critics and hope that you will share your own figures to help making the following versions of the Bareboat Yacht Charter Infographic even more reliable.

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