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Publish your yacht names in order to sell better!

February 12 2013 | 1 comments

Charter customers know: Each yacht has a name! A quality charter yacht sells itself by word of mouth. Give customers the chance to find and book a specific yacht from your fleet.

Meanwhile there are many quality indicators available that let charter customers create trust with a specific charter offer. There are YachtCheck Customer Reviews and Quality Stars that allow the web visitors to read opinions of previous clients and estimate the service level of the charter offer. Besides there is the YachtBooker Equipment Index that enables the charter customer to compare special equipment items of yachts. But who guarantees that the selected and desired charter yacht is the one that is delivered at the day of check-in? The mistrust of the customer that at the end he gets handed over another yacht of the same model is existing and keeps customers very often from booking a specific offer.

In order to establish more trust into a charter offer, the YachtSys System allows charter managers now to publish the name of their yacht right in the search results of the YachtFinder. The setting can be made for each yacht separately. Just navigate in YachtSys main menu to Configuration>Yachts. Press the EDIT button of the specific yacht you want the name to be published and enable the check-box "Publish yacht name".

Of course you should just publish names of yachts for which you can ensure that the customer will receive exactly that boat. If you should have more yachts of the same model in your charter fleet and you usually switch reservations in between the same model, than you better should not publish those yacht names in order to avoid unsatisfied customers that might be disapointed if they not receive exactly the yacht they booked.

February 12 2013 | 1 comments

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Felix Wolf
On YachtBooker domains, the yacht names are displayed if charter fleet managers enabled this option. Agencies can hide yacht names in their Yachtfinder on their own web site if they prefer (just contact if you wish so).
2/12/2013 5:24:36 PM