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How to change the seasons in the Catalog?

In order to update Seasons, you need to edit the Catalog for that respective season.
  • From the Cockpit, go to Configuration>Catalogs and Prices
  • Click on the Catalog you want to modify.
  • Then press the Seasons button.
  • To modify an existing season, click the Edit button and then enter the start date and the end date.
  • If there are other existing seasons, please make sure there are no overlapping periods because then the new season won’t be created. If this is the case, first edit the previous or the following season first (depending on which date you’re trying to modify – the start date or the end date) and then the original season so as to be able to clear the period first.
  • IMPORTANT: please make sure that after the modification there are no unassigned days in the calendar (they will show up as blue in between the red seasons)
  • Don’t forget to Save when done