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What is the benefit of YachtSys®'s modular concept?

The YachtSys® systems functionalities are grouped in modules. Each module allows to perform a specific task in your yachting company. Modules build up packages. Each package is designed to cover all office tasks needed for a whole yachting business, like Charter Fleet Manager or Charter Broker.

YachtSys® grows with your business. As new subscriber you benefit from the moderate Basic Packages Prices. You can upgrade any time to additional modules, like the CRM Module or CMS WebSite Module. In that way YachtSys® subsriptions are customizable to the size and requirements of your yachting company. If one day you would decide to give away, split or sell a part of your yachting business, you could just unsubscribe the relevant module and can go on working with YachtSys® for less costs.

Two examples how you can benefit from the modular concept of YachtSys®.
You are a Charter Broker (agent). With the the Basic Package Charter Broker you have all tools that are necessary to work as a intermediary charter broker, like searching for charter offers of international charter providers and creating quotes and bookings for your clients. For the reason that you are a great seller, your bookings are rising but so does the work. So do you want spend your newly earned profit paying additional staff - definitely not, or? Better just subscribe for the CRM Module of YachtSys® that will cut down your workload immediately! The CRM Module enables you to easily administrate client's payments, store travel documents as skipper licenses, passport etc and publish them to providers. You can even assign clients a web login so they can fill out their crew list online, follow their payment status and download their voucher.

B) You are a charter provider managing a fleet of charter yachts. To get started, the Basic Package Charter Fleet Manager is the solution to administrate and distribute your charter yachts to agents and clients. But you want more - you want to sell your charters online via your own web site for competitive prices. All you need is to subscribe to the Market Analytics Module and the CMS Web Site Module. The Analytics Module tells you which is the "right" charter price of a specific yacht model at a specific period. The CMS will load that special price offers immediately to your homepage where search engines can spider them and send more clients to your web site.