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Yacht Charter Pre-Booking Trends before the Boot 2013 in Düsseldorf

January 17 2013 | 7 comments

Turkish and Croatian charter fleet managers will have a relaxed ride up to Düsseldorf next Saturday knowing that their booking plans are almost 40 % filled. Some out-performers from that countries will secretly smile at those numbers knowing that they even booked more than 50 %. But also the charter companies from Mallorca and the German Baltic Sea will start their boat show participation with a pleasant background of more than 38 % pre-bookings. The Italian and Greek charter fleet managers will definitely give their best during the next weeks to catch up closer to the other charter destinations. We can expect quite some attractive Early Booking rates that will be offered to enhance the booking volume in that classic yacht charter destinations.

How this pre-booking percentage was calculated? For each charter destination we determined the average amount of booked weeks per bareboat yacht during the last 2 years. While in German destinations 14 weeks would already mean a great occupancy, in Turkey charter boats should receive around 18 weeks per season. Than we simply set this Week/Season value in relation to already registered reservations (until 17.01.2013) in the YachtBooker reservation System. The result is the pre-booking in percent.

You should be aware that the displayed values are averaged. Within a single destination we noticed occupancy difference of more than 50 % depending on the charter companies success. Also we have not differentiated between motor yachts and sailing boats. But for the reason that powerboats make out less than 10 % of the registered charter yachts in YachtBooker we neglected this fact. However this makes clear that the early booking trends should only be applied to the sail boat charter department and are not representative for power boat charters in Europe.

January 17 2013 | 7 comments

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Sergii Gorban
Thanks, Felix, another useful insight.. thanks for sharing indeed.
1/17/2013 8:23:31 PM

Zoran Pelikan
Dear Mr. Felix

You made an excellent analysis and I thank You for the information. I believe that with higher discounts Greece and Italy will catch up with Turkey and Croatia after the Boot Düsseldorf. I am also convinced that the average number of booked weeks in Croatia will be higher at the end of the season.
1/16/2013 9:26:06 PM

Do you have the same data from last year before Boot Düsseldorf 2012.
1/16/2013 7:33:56 PM

Aghis Papadimitriou
Great job anyway!! Thanks.
Is it only from boats with Green B or it includes all other boats?
I am saying so because I guess that the figures depend also on how many times are the same boats registered in Yachtbooker (I bet that the same Bavaria 50 is registered in Yachtbooker more than 3 times by some clever Greek operators) and if the operators have really updated all these boat plannings with their real bookings ...
1/16/2013 6:20:22 PM

Daria Petrova
Great idea to compare the statistics before and after the "boot" in Düsseldorf. I am quite curious about the results. Thanks for sharing this information.
1/16/2013 6:10:24 PM

Inga Tomasevic
Thanks Felix for your info
1/16/2013 5:58:23 PM

Felix Wolf
We are curious how those figures will look like after the end of the BOOT 2013. This will show us how important the BOOT in Düsseldorf will be to stimulate customers placing their charter vacation reservations. So just come back by beginning of February and you will find the latest figures published in this yacht charter blog.
1/16/2013 1:41:51 PM