Get Online Bookings from 2,000 agencies via YachtSys®
With the YachtSys Charter Fleet Manager Package you can easily administrate your charter boats, prices, discounts. Receive online requests and bookings from 2,000 connected charter agencies! YachtSys enables you to create offers, options and bookings for your charter boats. The booking management also allows to issue invoices and payment reminders. You agency partners and charter customers can simply login and upload documents and crew lists on their own.

The YachtSys Charter Fleet Manager not just allows to handle a single charter operator. The system supports administration of mulltiple charter bases within one country or even multinational networking between charter companies that are spread over the whole world.

The YachtSys Charter Fleet Manager Basic Package includes all features to manage and sell your charter fleet online.

The Advanced Package offers additional modules like the efficient CRM Module that provides powerfull sales tools for handling agent and client relations. The Price Comparision tool allows crucial charter price comparision with competing yachts of the same model, category or destination.

The Basic and Advanced Package includes Charter Widgets that you can easily implement into your boat rental web site. Increase your online bookings with client by placing the YachtFinder, TopDeals, Specials and Charter Reviews on your web site. The implementation of the JavaScrip Widgets can easily be done by your webmaster.

The optional Charter CMS WebSite is the ultimate add on for your charter business. The fully administratable web site retrieves offers and specials, images and detailed data for all your boats via the integrated Yachtsys Charter Data API. It can be easily edited with your own content, texts, images and videos. The CMS also provides homepage tools like newsletter, polls, faq and articles. All content edited is fully indexable by robots and already search engine optimized with your favourite keyword.

The Charter Data API is also available as optional add-on service to the Charter Fleet Manager Basic Package. Just contact us to learn more about this comprehensive yacht charter data feed.

Modules, Packages & Prices

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YachtSys® General System Overview
  • The BookingManager for your charter fleet!
  • Get online bookings from 2,000+ agents and own clients!
  • Easily set prices and discounts with the price optimization tool!
  • Control bookings, invoices and send payment reminders!
  • Settle tasks and handle clients documents!
  • Enable Owners to login and check their Balances!
Orders - Create, send and invoice bookings within seconds!
With the Yachtsys® Charter Fleet Manager Order Form you can create, update and email orders of type offer, option or booking to your clients or agents. From bookings you can create proforma invoices and invoices with custom tax and invoice numbers on button-click.

The Order Form allows you to select the offered periods and yachts directly from your planning table. You can create an order for a single period or multiple yachts and periods within one step. All pricing and yacht details data is already provided from your database and can be modified by few mouse-clicks. A comfortable preview mode allows you to check the order html email before you send it out to your client or charter agency.

An order once created will be stored in your system and can be easily picked up again from your Order List. From there you can modify it according to the needs of your clients or turn it directly into an option or booking confirmation. 

Proforma invoices and invoices can be efficiently created out of booking orders. The invoicing party settings and invoice numbering can be fully customized to your yachting business needs.

With the Owner Report you can register costs and balance against charter revenues. You can give a login for your owners and customize the Owner Report individually.

The Order Form and Owner report is included in the Advanced Package of the Charter Fleet Manager.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

YachtSys® Order Form
  • Create orders - offers, options & bookings!
  • Send custom order emails to your clients!
  • Manage orders easily via your order list!
  • Find orders quickly by autosuggest search!
  • Update offers into options/bookings!
Planning - Add & update your occupancies!
On the Yachtsys® Charter Fleet Manager Planning you can add and update occupancies like options, bookings, maintenance periods etc. on a calendar grid. On the Occupancy List you can filter, sort and administrate those entries.

Add a new occupancy simply by highlighting relevant period on your Planning Calendar by mouse-click. Open existing occupancies directly by double-click, modify details and update by button-click. All occupancies of your managed yachts can be also administrated via the comfortable Occupancy List that allows fast autosuggest search, filtering and sorting.

The edited occupancies will block your managed yachts for online bookings through connected reservation systems such as YachtBooker.

The Planning Calendar and the Occupancy List is included in all Versions of the Basic/Advanced or Premium Package of the Charter Fleet Manager.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

YachtSys® Planning Calendar
  • Add & update occupancies!
  • Assign occupancy types from drop down!
  • Delete, modify and update occupancies!
  • Find occupancies by autosuggest search!
  • Shift occupancies in between yachts!
Charter Price Optimization - Analyze your market!
The Yachtsys® Charter Price Optimization is the unique tool to allow charter fleet managers comparing and adjusting their charter prices with competitive charter offers in the market.

The price comparision allows setting custom price relevant filters about yacht type, model, country, location, year of built, cabin versions etc. The manager of charter yachts now is enabled comparing prices for one of his own yachts to competitive offers in the market.

The Price Optimization Tool displays also the number of available offers in competition with your boats. At one glance boat managers can recognize if their prices are too high or even to low and adjust the rates or discounts immediately.

The Price Optimization Tool is included in all versions of the Charter Fleet Manager.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

YachtSys® Charter Price Comparision
  • View prices of competitive offers!
  • Change discounts and rates easily!
  • Keep prices high when offers are few!
  • Gain more yield out of your fleet!
How to Create a Proforma or Invoice!
This short video tutorial will allow you, the charter fleet manager, or provider, to learn quickly and effectively how to generate an invoice for your order and send it out to your customer.

After an order is generated, you need to be able to create invoices and send them out to your customer. Our system allows you to do that directly in our software, automating most of the steps, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities.

For example, the proforma invoice is automatically generated and is available for your review as a PDF document. The system allows you to set the number of invoices you want to set for every order, as well as the amount of money that invoice will represent for the total sum, expressed in percentages.

After being generated, each invoice will be attached to the order and be able to view at any time, simply by clicking on the order. This view will also display the amount not invoiced yet, the total paid and the total still to be paid, giving you total control and an easy view at the touch of a button

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

How to Create a Proforma or Invoice
  • Create an invoice for your order in seconds!
  • Set as many invoices per order as you want!
  • Set amount for each order in percentages!
How to Control Incoming and Outgoing Payments!
As your orders and invoices increase in number in YachtSys, you might have trouble keeping track of payments as well as incoming and outgoing money. For this, we have devised a simple and intuitive system of keeping track of all your income and balance, saving you from the need to spend hours in front of the computer screen sorting things out.

Simply by applying some filters to the list of invoices found in Reporting – Payments and Invoices, you can get an overview which will let you know what payments you have coming in, what payments are due and what will your cashflow will look like for a predetermined period of time that can be extended to one month.

YachtSys allow you to select the overview either for a single order which will display all payments and invoices attached to that order, or give you an overall look for all the invoices. For both views, you can apply the same filters: First Payment, Last Payment, Cashflow Next 10 Days, Cashflow Next 30 Days.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

How to Control Incoming and Outgoing Payments
  • Overview of all invoices or for single order!
  • Smart filters to view payments and cashflow!
  • Easy to view, to select, to edit invoices!
How to Send Payment Reminders and Confirmations!
Often enough, you’ll find yourself dealing with various customers that may or may not be as prompt as you might want them to be. We understand that and we also understand that when it comes to dealing with money, time is very important.

Yachtsys thus offers you the possibility to perform a number of “Special Actions” regarding your orders and invoices. First off, we sent an automatic proforma invoice to your client which you can review for yourself as a PDF document.

Another action you can perform is to send a Payment Reminder to your client, with just one click from the invoice. A small icon will appear next to your order to remind you of your action. The same steps can be performed in order to send a Payment Confirmation to a customer as well as an Invoice. All these actions are recorded and the system automatically adds a small icon next to your order so you won’t forget and send it again.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

How to Send Payment Reminders and Confirmations
  • All orders come with “Special Actions”!
  • Send Requests and Invoices with 1 click!
  • Attach symbols to order to remind you!
How to Create a Check-In List!
For Charter Fleet Manager that operate several bases, it can become very confusing and difficult to keep track of all the clients coming in, that’s why YachtSys comes with a special feature that allows you to create a check-in list very easily.

Selecting the Reporting Tab and then the Check-In List will allow you to access the menu that can create such a list for you effortlessly. Just select the base or bases you want to manage and then click the Create Check-In List button. This will create a check-in list automatically for all the boats being chartered in the selected period.

Here you can add, modify or delete data that was automatically created, data like arrival dates and time, flight numbers for transfers, extra features and maintenance work to be carried out before your guests arrive. At the end just click Save Data and your list is ready, available also as a PDF document, available for printing or sending to your partners.

Contact us now for getting your access to the Charter Fleet Manager.

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How to Create a Check-In List
  • Dedicated tab for check-in!
  • Automatically generates list for given specs!
  • Allows you to modify dates and extras!
  Charter Fleet Manager
Packages Basic Advanced
Administration Module
  Company Administration (Contact, Taxes etc.)
  User Administration (Login, Roles & Rights)
  Operator (Base) Administration
  Yacht Administration
  Owner Administration
  Orders List & Order Details
  Accounting (Contracts, Invoices & Payment Reminder) with Export to Excel
  Owner Balance (Revenues & Costs) with customizable Receipt List & Credit Note Creation
Charter Broker Module
  Agency YachtFinder with YachtMap
  Multiple Offers via Wishlist (HTML Email)
  BetterPrice Request
  Customer Database (with Export to Excel)
  Customizable Email Templates (HTML)
  Widgets for homepage (YachtFinder, Reviews, TopDeals etc.)
  Salesmanagement (Partner Fleet & Sales Settings)
Charter Fleet Module
  Catalogues (Seasons, Prices, Extras, Discounts & Packages)
  Planning (Booking Table)
  Order Form with multiple Offers, Options and Bookings (as HTML Email)
  Salesmanagement (Agent Settings & Direct Sales)
  Check-in Lists (Transfer, Extra Services etc.) -
  Owner Login (Planning, Owner Balance) -
  Charter Market Price Comparision (for own fleet) -
Quality Module (YachtCheck® Subscription required)
  YachtCheck® Web Review Form & Apple App (IOS)
  YachtCheck® Quality Controlling (Review List and Chart)
Customer Relations Module (CRM)
  Client Login
  Tasks (Pending List & Email Settlement)
  CRM History (Orders, Emails, Tasks, Voucher and Documents)
  Document Upload (Skipper License, Passport and other docs)
  Online Crew List with PDF Export
  Voucher Creation (Boarding Pass)
  Charter Fleet Manager
Packages Basic Advanced
  Subscription Fee (monthly) 70 € 190 €
  Get Started Discount 50% (first 6 months) 35  95 
  Subscription Fee for Small Fleets (< 12 yachts, monthly) 35 € 95 €
  Own Charter Web Site (CMS Hosting fee monthly) +80 € +80 €
  YachtSys Charter Data API On request 
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