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YachtSys® General System Overview


Managing yachts of multiple owners is your business. Providing boat care, repairs, craning and other typical services that are essential to perform professional boat maintenance. YachtSys is the ideal solution to administrate boats at your pier and their owners data. In Yachtsys you can setup your standard services, suppliers and stocks costs. You can comfortably create and send offers, contracts and invoices out of the system. Transparent custom reports of actual and expected costs establishes clients trust. With the optional owner login, the clients can check their accounts and reports which gives relief for your job at the pier. 

  • Administrate your owners and their boats!
  • Setup your service and retail pricing! 
  • Create easily orders for your clients!
  • Control contracts, invoices and payments!
  • Create financial reports to owners!



Basic Modules Yacht Manager
Versions Full
Yacht Module
  Company Administration (Contact, Taxes etc.)
  User Administration (Login, Roles & Rights)
  Operator (Base) Administration
  Yacht Administration
  Owner Administration
  Client Administration
  Suppliers Administration
  Orders List & Order Details
  Accounting (Orders, Invoices, Payments)
  Reporting (Sales, Costs, Profit & Loss)
Owner Module (available in Spring 2010)
  Owner Login
  Service Ordering
  Yacht Monitoring optional
  Reporting (Sales, Costs, Balances)
Basic Package Price (Monthly) 70 EUR
Advanced Modules Yacht Manager
Versions Full
Customer Relations Module (CRM)
  Client Login
  Tasks (Pending List & Email Settlement)
  Email Form (HTML Templates)
  History (Emails, Phone Calls, Comments)
  Reporting (Documents, Emails, Tasks etc.)
  Client's Orders List
  Document Upload (Lisense, Passport)
  Crew List Online Form
  Voucher Creation
  Module Price +40 EUR
Base Module (available in Spring 2010)
  Base Manager Login (Roles & Rights)  
  Check-in Lists (Transfer, Extra Services etc.)  
  Reporting (Cleaning, Maintenance, Revision)  
  Module Price  
Advanced Package Price (Monthly) 110 EUR
Premium Modules Yacht Manager
Versions Full
CMS Module - Homepage Hosting
  Yachting Hompage, CMS & SEO
  Module Price (* Setup Fee for web site not included) 90 EUR*
Premium Package (Monthly) 200 EUR
160 EUR

This solution is...

  • devoted to user needs
  • powered by latest .Net Technology
  • not requiring new hardware
  • secured by SSL protection
  • upgraded regularly
  • modularly enhancable by subscription
  • supported by YachtCheck quality
  • designed for multiple users
  • hosted in renowned server farms
  • supported by our own technicians
  • ready for you to go with

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